Hi! I am Janine Fafard and welcome you to  connecting with your soul.

If you are facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, infertility, personal dissatisfaction, problems in your family or romantic relationships, or any other obstacles in your path, I can help you overcome them. Through my experience and knowledge, I will guide you through a process of personal transformation and help you find the inner peace and happiness you deserve.

Go ahead, I await you with open arms to begin this transformation together!

Look no further, return Home... to your Soul!

I want to remind you that any problem, regardless of its nature, can quickly disappear if you discover its root and connect with your soul. As a mentor, my job is to help you find that path to connection and liberation.


Your greatest fear hides your greatest talent!

Since I was a child, I was passionate about the universe and its vastness. It felt like being so close to God. At the age of 14, I came close to becoming an astronaut when I participated in a national contest in Canada, although I didn't succeed. However, years later, I discovered something equally fascinating: the exploration of the INNER universe. I trained with great masters around the world who guided me and taught me how to reconnect with my personal power. I put into practice what I learned, and now I live each day motivated. My purpose is to share my knowledge and help others find their own strength by reconnecting with their soul.

Here is a recent article written in the MysticMag.

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Here are some testimonials about my work:

Andrea Bermúdez

"My 8-year-old daughter struggled with insomnia and fear of death after the passing of our pet. After a session with Janine, we noticed significant changes. She now falls asleep quickly and sleeps through the night. Thanks to Janine's guidance, my daughter was able to overcome her fears on her own. We are incredibly grateful for her assistance."

Pamela Solano

"In my courses with Janine, I have learned to believe in energy, something I didn't believe in before. The practical exercises have greatly helped me reduce my fear. My life has improved, and I feel highly motivated. I know that with the help of God and Janine, I will continue to make progress. Thank you very much for everything, Janine."


"I was a bit surprised during the first 2 days to see myself much more empowered; I definitely felt much lighter. The whole process you guided me through helped me: visualizing stress, validating my feelings, and, of course, seeing the bigger picture. Since then, I feel much more connected to my power."