Are you an organizational leader committed to the well-being of your team?


In an increasingly demanding environment, providing your employees with tools to manage stress and improve their quality of life is a smart investment in the performance and productivity of your company.

The theoretical and practical workshop "The Power of Breath" is specifically designed for business or community leaders who want to provide their team with a simple, accessible, and powerful tool to enhance their emotional and physical well-being. Through techniques and practical exercises, participants will learn to use their breath as a tool to reduce stress, improve focus, and increase emotional resilience.

This workshop can be tailored to any corporate or group setting and is aimed at business leaders who are looking to foster a culture of well-being in their organization.

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The contents of the workshop "The Power of Breath" includes:





Principles of abdominal breathing and their importance


The rhythm of breathing and pain

Importance of rhythm in breathing

Proper utilization of the diaphragm

Use breathing to reduce or eliminate pain


Breathing, mantra, insomnio, stress management

Understanding of mantra.

Combined use of breathing with a mantra.

Using breathing to reduce and/or eliminate sleep problems, stress, or others.


Conscious breathing is a meditation

Fundamentals of energy medicine and energy psychology.

Energy and proper cellular function.


Breathing exercices

Joy breathing & inner smile technique.

Ocean breathing.

Basics of Yoga Nidra.

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